Northampton Chess Club

Northampton Chess Club no longer exists.

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History of Northampton Chess Club

Chess has been played in England for well over two hundred years but it was not until the middle of the 19th Century that we saw chess clubs being set up in the larger towns and cities.

In September 1875 the St. Giles’s Young Men’s Society formed a chess club with the Rev. C.J. Langley as its President.

There were later changes in its name, firstly to Northamptonshire Chess Club and then to its present name of Northampton Chess Club.

At the end of the 19th Century Mr. Henry E. Atkins came to Northampton College to teach mathematics and joined the Club. He was at the time the British Amateur Champion and later went on to win the British Championship nine times.

He maintained links with the Club for over 30 years, either by playing simultaneous matches in Northampton or by adjudicating on chess games.

The Club has won the Northamptonshire League and Cup on numerous occasions and over the years has provided players for both the Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire County teams.

Like most chess clubs the fortunes of the Northampton Club have fluctuated with the game falling into and out of popularity. Northampton Chess Club no longer exists